Thursday, October 16, 2008

My Family Tree

Since the kids are on Fall Break, we met Jason, Jada and Kaleb at the park for some afternoon fun. A good time was had by all.

Rachel's Fall Break Sleepover

Here in Tennessee we have Fall Break. I mean the kids just get settled into the school routine and then they get a Break. But who am I to say that they don't need one. Any hoo, this was a big week for Rachel or should I say Dr. Doolittle? Not only did she animal sit for a couple of friends during this Break, but she had her FIRST sleepover with more than a family member ! The girls had big fun, built a fire (with some supervised help of course), made s'mores and played in our pop-up camper. The girls were all set to sleep in said pop-up with their glow sticks, that would be the picture on the top but the telling of the one too many scary stories forced them into Rachel's room with Nibbles the guest guinea pig for the week. And yes, there was some sleep involved. Yippee !!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Suzi Beetle Davis

Here's Suzi Beetle Davis three years ago. Blake and Rachel look so tiny. At any rate, as some of you may know, Suzi had a heart (engine) transplant this summer. It didn't go well (supposedly). As with anything in life, everything comes with an opinion. Suzi got a second opinion yesterday from a mechanic that has 20 years experience with VWs. His opinion is that her engine is fine. Great. I am glad that we spent all that money replacing her engine. So on October 27th, Suzi is going to get a new oil pump and all the fixin's to hopefully make her whole again. Let's all say a prayer for her that this works!! We must keep Suzi in the family. I am just not ready to part with her.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

R.I.P. Honey and Welcome Home Midnight

Its happened. Death. Not sure when the Angel of Hamsters came and took Honey. I discovered Honey's lifeless body. I knew it was going to be sad. I accidently bumped her princess pink cage and nothing. No movement, nada. And I knew. Honey had left us and left me to spread the news. I had all afternoon to ponder what I was going to say. It took my hours even after she got home to work up the courage. When I told her, she made some hand gestures and ran upstairs. Several minutes later she came down in full ugly cry. The most important thing I did Friday was hold my little Dr. Doolittle as she mourned her invincible pet. She didn't ask why or where Honey was. She just cried and wanted to know if she could give her a funeral. Very proper, grown up and respectful. Rachel really is a mini Dr. Doolittle, she loves animals and they love her. I missed the funeral as I was participating in the Race for the Cure but when I got home, she was her happy self again and she wanted me to meet Midnight - her new boy hamster. She heard that they were nicer than the girl ones but I knew that she picked a boy in hopes that she would have a totally different result. Good luck my sweet girl. And I am proud of the way you handled giving Honey a proper and final resting place (right by your swingset so you can still keep an eye on her!)

Friday, October 3, 2008

I love Blake !

Let me begin by saying that Blake may just physically be 11 years old but emotionally he's already grown ! He has tried out and made the middle school basketball team ! Which is awesome for a 6th Grader. Here in is the situation. He will have practice every day after school for 2 hours. On Wednesdays, Rachel is involved in the Fitness Club and both of them will of course need to be picked up at the exact same time on opposite sides of town. Blake's first reaction in giving me his practice schedule was that this was not going to be good because of Rachel's schedule. He is so sweet. Now of course he is excited that he has made the team, but he is such a gentleman that he is concerned for his sister and how we are going to work Wednesdays out. He is going to make someone a very good husband. Don't you worry Blake, I'll work something out so you and Rachel can both do your thing ! You are the greatest for being so considerate of your sister !!