Thursday, January 29, 2009

Happy Birthday Oreo !

Yesterday was Oreo's 2nd Birthday ! And it snowed also, so the kids of course were out of school. It was a real treat for everyone. We have had Oreo for 7 months and the kids are still just as crazy about her as they were on Day 1. She got a new coat for her birthday which made the snow day even more appropriate, along with her gift! Then today, I lost Oreo ! It was absolutely terrible! She cannot be trusted without her leash. She loves to run and run and run away from us. She loves freedom more than us! I was having trouble with the garage door closing and I didn't shut the inside door and she bolted outside to enjoy the snow again. All I could think about was how sad Blake and Rachel would be after being so happy yesterday, if I lost Oreo for good. So I went inside to get treats, because women can always be persuaded with food, and put on my snow boots and started my search for a semi-white dog in the white snow. Happily I found her and lured her back to me with treats and got her back in the house. The kids will never know !! Whew......

Winter Ball

Blake and his cousin Austin are involved in the National League of Junior Cotillions. It is a wonderful program that teaches young men and ladies about manners and dress in social situations. This past weekend was their first ball, appropriately titled "Winter Ball". The boys said that they had a good time. Probably as good as time that anyone can have all dressed up and having to dance with someone of the opposite sex. The last few minutes of the ball was reserved for a dance with your parent. We had a good time. The boys go once a month for their "instructions" and I think that they really have learned quite a lot. I am very proud of Blake, he was already a polite young man, and he just keeps getting better and better. Until the Spring Ball....

Thursday, January 22, 2009

One Person Can Make a Difference

Yes, one person can make a difference. That's it just one. Rachel's elementary school doesn't, or should I say, didn't allow soap. That's right, you read that right, soap. The children would have to use Germ-X given to them by their teachers to "clean their hands" after restroom breaks and before lunch. Some children are allergic to Germ-X and I know of some mothers who would "sneak soap type packets" into their children's bags, so that they could wash/clean their hands. Seriously, don't the children have other things to tend to during the day, than to worry about clean hands?? The reason for "no soap on my watch" was that the principal didn't like the "mess" that soap could make. While Germ-X has its good qualities and does come in handy - no pun intended - sometimes you just can't ignore the good old fashioned quality of handwashing with soap and water. So it was one Mom's mission, Kristine, to make Sango a better place for our children and thanks to her and her unwillingness not to stop the fight, each child can now wash their hands like millions of children across America !! Thank you Kristine ! You are awesome !

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Ding, dong, hey there want to buy a cookie??

It is that time of year again here in Tennessee. Thin Mints, Tag-alongs, etc. Rachel has really been working hard selling these yummy cookies. Normally she is pretty shy about forcing herself on others but not when it comes to selling cookies. This is her 3rd year of selling cookies and she is proving herself to be a real Cookie Diva! She has sold to everyone in our neighborhood, who was at home. She had no problem marching up to their doors, ringing their bell and saying "Would you like to buy some cookies?" I on the other hand at age 8 would have been mortified to have done that! She has even sold to people at church. Her daddy has helped her out also,(and maybe her mom). But she has done the bulk of the selling. Even making phone calls ! I'm so proud of her ! You go girl! And if anyone out there needs a box of Thin Mints, give us a call !

I mean well

Bless my heart ! In reading some of my past blogs, I can't spell or I use the wrong word ! I am going to blame this on my thyroid. Yes, my thyroid. My numbers are way off, AGAIN ! And part of this disease messes with your memory. Soooo, there's my excuse. Please bear with me, or bare with me, I do mean well ! I am on more medication to get this under control. Give me strength that I will be "cured" like Oprah ! Good for her! Don't even get me started on

Saturday, January 10, 2009


Blake is the most patience person I know besides his father. I guess he didn't fall far from the tree. He made the middle school basketball team which is pretty good for a 6th Grader. Which also means he doesn't play much at all, or dress out. His journey began last October. He has practice every day after school, every day. Even during Christmas break they practiced some. Then there's the homework, plus Scouts, plus some sort of resemblence of life. He has to catch the bus every morning at 6:45 a.m. - ouch. He takes this all in stride. Some nights, he doesn't finish homework until 10 p.m. because middle school is a whole different ball game from elementary, they demand more from their ever expanding minds.

He is number 21. I love that, 21 is his birthday. Look how small he is compared to the big old 8th Graders ! This past Thursday was his night. He not only did he get to dress out, he got in the game! We were so proud not of him, but for him. This is his thing. He is the one doing all the work and making all the scarifices. We of course are thrilled to support him but this is his baby.

Hang in there buddy! Your patience is paying off!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to everyone! Its hard to believe that the holidays have rolled in and out so quickly, yet again ! We had a wonderful Christmas. We are so lucky to live in this country. Yes, I hear all of you now going - hello- are you crazy, recession, grocery prices, fear of losing our jobs, etc. But really where else would we rather be? We are close to our families and friends who love us and want to spend time with us no matter how much we have in the bank, no matter how much gas costs, who love us for just being us. And that my friend is worth a million don't you think?