Friday, February 27, 2009


I just love Lent ! It means so many things. First, that we get to celebrate that Jesus died on the cross for each and everyone of us and for our sins and that we are forgiven ! Amen to that ! AND it also means that Spring is getting closer and closer every day. Lent also means that we give up something to help remind us of the sacrifice of Jesus or we can choose to do something good for other to also honor this sacrifice. At any rate, Rachel was very proud when she announced that she was "Giving up school for Lent !" Um, no, let's try that again. She thought about it and went with Cheese-Its. Blake has given up desserts, and asked that I please "Don't bake any Brownies or cookies because I don't think I could take it !" I hear buddy.
I have decided to give up complaining. Not that I sit around and gripe all day, but when you think about it, sometimes you just don't realize how much you whine or complain about things that truly do not matter. I can't repeat what Gary was going to give up.....I'll pray for him - LOL. Happy Lent/Easter Season everyone !

Friday, February 6, 2009

The Cookies Are Here !!

Rachel is hard at work filling her orders. She finally, after 3 years of trying, placed first in Cookie sales in her Troop. Way to go Rachel !!