Monday, April 27, 2009

S'more Cupcakes

Today's cupcake is S'more Cupcakes. We have a Girl Scout meeting tonight about Camporee this weekend so I thought why not try some of these cupcakes to get us in the camping mood ! Here is Blake sampling them to make sure that they were actually edible. He gave them an overall 8 on a scale of 10 ! Sounds like they passed to me. So its off to the Girl Scout meeting with these cupcakes in tow. Yum, yum.

Happy Birthday Rachel !

Rachel had a couple of her friends for a swim party at a local hotel. We had big fun! It was easy and I didn't have to clean the house - yippee! Rachel is 9. Good thing she is getting older and me and Gary aren't - LOL ! A good time was had by all and yes, these are some more cupcakes that I made. Beach cupcakes to go with our "splash bash" theme. Yes the girls are eating sno-cones in the pool ! Its their party they can do what they want. All kidding aside, they stayed on the side of the pool and did not make a mess and I watched them like a hawk while they were eating. It all turned out just fine. Happy Birthday Rachel !!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Spring Ball

Could it really have been time for the Spring Ball already?? My time flies. Blake said that he had a good time. They played "musical knees" which is similar to musical chairs. It was fun to watch the girls scramble to find an open knee to claim. Blake has had a busy weekend. Baseball Friday night, a Scout outing Saturday day, see the sunburn cheeks - and then the Ball Saturday night ! Whew ! He only has one more year for Cotillion. It has gone by too fast for me - probably not fast enough for him !! Though he did say that it has made him feel more comfortable being around the girls. That's good - I think.

Friday, April 24, 2009


I have been making cupcakes like crazy lately. It all began with Rachel's birthday a few days ago. Then she needed some for a class party. So below are "tye-dyed" cupcakes. Yummy, no frosting needed. They were a big hit. Next, Spring Fling at her school which was a circus theme. So I after some searching I came up with "Cotton Candy" Cupcakes. But, there was a problem, the cotton candy only lasts for about thirty minutes. So I had to re-ice these babies. So these cupcakes now go under "flaming dessert and serve immediately" catergory. I am enjoying trying new cupcake designs. Rachel even said that my cupcakes look professional. Oh, how sweet......